Digital Art, Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence, and Living Boldy Normal.

See. I’m normal.

Avocado! Avocado! Chicken Nuggets!

Avocado is basically an easter egg, with a chicken nugget in it. Ruddy loves chicken nuggets.

Sometime little kids nearly die crying over the strangest things. Listie Lama decided to tie up her pants in a temper tantrum and then is furious the knots won’t come undone.

It’s not easy being brought into the world and not getting to eat tacos and having to wait 18 years to get tattoos. KP is loved.

Food dye from Easter grants strange powers to NGO. As he advances in his ninja training, he was defeated by cardboard box people and attacked several times by bees.

Easter Fud is so delicious, I think I’ll have mine now.

Shrills No yard work please.

Trigger candy seems to enhance Red L’s CRAY-Level to Defcon 5. The good thing is that L will save the day and eat the candy-people and they will not cause any issues. TRIGGER! Trigger. TRIGGER!!!

Yeeds says, “I better get paid for this sweet lawnmower G-dash level or I’m going into VR to get my beat sabers.”

Sonic Sneeze loves rootbeer. psst psst psst

Have an awesome April! Meep.